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Apply for Medicaid Managed Care

Medicaid Managed Care

Hudson Health Plan is a Medicaid Managed Care insurance provider serving six counties in southern New York state: Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Sullivan, Ulster, and Dutchess. Medicaid is jointly funded by the federal and state governments and is the largest source of funding for medical and health–related services for people with limited income.

Medicaid Managed Care Eligibility

Your eligibility for Medicaid Managed Care will be determined by several factors, including your family size, income, where you live, and in some cases, student or parental status. The maximum monthly gross income that defines eligibility is determined by family composition and varies by County. Pregnant women, children, and disabled persons with medical bills may also qualify for Medicaid.

Medicaid Managed Care Benefits

Medicaid Managed Care provides a large range of benefits to its members, including no-plan premiums in-patient hospitalization, outpatient care and emergency care. Program benefits include:

  • Co-payments may apply, but there are no Plan premiums
  • In-patient hospitalization
  • Out-patient care
  • Emergency care
  • Lab tests and x-rays
  • Primary and preventative health care/education
  • Vision, speech, and hearing services
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Prescription drugs
  • Prosthetics and orthotics
  • Second medical/surgical equipment
  • Dental care and orthodontia (medically necessary)
  • Diabetic supplies and equipment
  • Smoking cessation products
  • Home health care
  • Family planning/reproductive health
  • Personal care aide services
  • Private duty or skilled nursing care
  • Physicians, nurse practitioners, midwives
  • Hospice care
  • Radiation, chemotherapy, hemodialysis
  • Mental health/alcohol and substance abuse treatment (based on medical necessity)
  • Over the counter drugs (with written prescription)
  • Orthopedic Shoes

Applying for Medicaid Managed Care

If you think you qualify for Medicaid, even if you’re not surestart the process online now.  If you prefer, you can contact Customer Care or call 1.800.339.4557. Our friendly and courteous representatives can help guide you towards the coverage you need.